MRac 3KW AC Solar Pump System

3KW AC solar pump systemmain components

110Wp Solar Panels 60PC
AC Solar Pump Controller and Inverter 1PC
MPV2-2 Combiner 1PC
4 Inch Pump 1PC

AC Solar Pump Controller and InverterTechnical Parameter

ItemModel MR-3kw ASPU
Solar Panel Power (KW) 4.8-7.4
Recommended Voc Voltage 550-750 Vdc
Max. Input DC Current 9A
Max. MPPT efficiency 99%
Number of String 2
AC Output
Max. Applicable Motor Output Power 3.7KW
Rated Output Voltage 380-460Vac 3-phase
Output Frequency Range 0-50/60Hz
Rated Output Current 9A
Max. Efficiency 98%
Protective Class IP65
Protection Degree I
Operating Temperature Range -25℃to +60℃,above 60℃need decorate operating
Cooling Method Natural cooling
Display LCD
Communication Interface RS485/WiFi
Altitude 3000m,above 3000m need derate operating
Noise Emission <50dB
Compliance EN50178:IEC/EN62109-1:IEC61800

4 Inch Pump Technical Parameter

Type Pump-3
Flow (T/h) 10.8
Head (m) 36
Rated power (KW) 3
Voltage (V) 380
Speed (r/min) 2850
Outlet inch 4 inch

MPV2-2 Combiner

Product Module MPV2-2
Input Streams 2
Peak Input Voltage 1000Vdc
Each Input Current 0-15A
Peak Output Current 15A
Input Waterproof Port PG9
Output Waterproof Port PG9
Input Cable 4mm2
l output cable 4 mm2
Earth Cable 16mm2
Temperature & Humidity Working Temperature-40℃~85℃, humidity 95%, environment with no-dew, no corrosive gases
Altitude ≤4000m
Material of the Combiner Box Galvanized Steel Plate/Cold-Rolled Steel Plate/Stainless Steel
Protection Grade IP65
Dimension(width*height*depth) 145X212X95mm
Weight 1.5kg

Solar Panels Technical Parameter

Junction Box incl. plug SUNTERPV-ZH009
Tedlar Madico
Pmax 110W
Isc 7.29A
Voc 21.14V
Ipm 6.53A
Vpm 16.95V
FF 71.82%
Dimension 1480x668x34mm
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