MRac Combiner Box

PV Combiner Box

Brief Introduction

The MRac Combiner Box is a customizable unit to fit various types of photovoltaic power plants. It features a protection level that reaches as high as IP65. The high volume of the box allows for enough space for cooling and wire connections.

Technical Parameter

Model Name MPV8 MPV10 MPV12 MPV16
No. of Inputs Below 8 9-10 11-12 13-1621
Max. Input Voltage 1000Vdc
Input Current of Each String 0-15AG21
Max. Output Current Below 80A 100A 120A 160A
Waterproof Input Terminal PG9/PG11
Waterproof Output Terminal PG-13.5-PG19 PG16-PG21 PG19-PG25 PG21-PG29
Input Wire Size 4mm2
Ground Wire Size 16mm2
Communication Wire RS485 1.0mm Shielded Twisted-Pair
Monitor Module Monitor every current, voltage of generatrix, state of thebreaker,
state of thunder-proof function and temperature of combiner box.
Communication Method/Protocol RS485Bus/Standard MODBUS-RTU Protocol
Anti-Reverse Function Sealed Anti-Reverse Diode Module (alternative)
Temperature & Humidity Working temperature-40℃~85℃; humidity 95%;
in environment with no-dew, no corrosive gases
Altitude ≤4000m
Power Consumption of Monitor Module During Working7W
Auxiliary Power Supply AC85V-265V/DC24V(±10%)/DC220V-1000V
Material of Enclosure Galvanized Steel Plate/Cold-Rolled Steel Plate/Stainless Steel
Protection Grade IP65
Dimension(width*height*depth) 550*550*180 650*550*180 700*550*180 750*550*180
Weight 10-35kg


1. Good durability and strong anti-corrosion ability
2. Circuits Combining
3. Lightning-Proof
4. Monitoring of current and voltage of each string
5. Monitoring of its own temperature and humidity
6. Real-time alarm
7. Data collection
8. Data transmission

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